Valmikis’ ideological struggle

Men’s Institute for Development and Training (MIDT)

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

ISSUES Manual Scavenging


Men’s Institute of Development Training (MIDT), a partner of the Dalit Foundation, has been working on the issue of the Valmikis under the aegis of Mr. Bhup Singh, since 1990. Their efforts at the social and economic upliftment of the community through counseling, workshops on dalit rights and self-respect, legal awareness, leadership building and dissemination of information on government schemes have brought about a revolutionary change in the Bhojpur Block. Continue reading Valmikis’ ideological struggle

Reconciliation among conflicting Dalit sub-castes

Association for Awareness Development and Human Rights (ADHAR)

West Champaran, Bihar

ISSUES: Sub caste unity

Headed by Mr. Nand Lal, ADHAR works with Dalits in 15 villages of Majhaulia block, in Bihar to facilitate organization in the community and to enable them to access the means of development. In a unique initiative, ADHAR is attempting to remove sub caste disparities by organizing inter community dining.

While the practice of untouchability by upper castes is common knowledge, Dalits themselves are not free from the prejudice. They are divided into hundreds of castes and sub-castes. About 56 percent of the Dalit population belongs to about 20 dominant castes which, practice untouchability and disrmination on the lower sub castes. Such discriminatory practices pose a core problem on the way to dalit liberation. It deprives the Dalit Movement of solidarity and unison. Continue reading Reconciliation among conflicting Dalit sub-castes

Dalit Foundations celebrates Dalit art and culture

Dalits have a wide and dynamic tradition of performance and fine arts. However, Dalit art forms have been unnoticed and disregarded for centuries; and Dalit artists have lived in poverty because of the many manifestations of discrimination and exclusion faced by them. Dalit Foundation aims to bringing these arts to the forefront through intensive research, publications, financial and logistical support to artists, marketing and festivals which will provide a platform for the cultural aesthetics of the Dalit community and give both the art and the artists the much deserved recognition.

In order to support Dalit artists and promote Dalit arts, we organised an event and fundraiser dinner to celebrate Dalit art and culture on August 27. At this event, some exquisitely crafted artworks, sarees and dupattas and a huge wall hanging crafted by 25 women over a period of 3 months were exhibited.

The proceeds collected through this event are being used by the Foundation to promote a positive Dalit identity and culture through support to Dalit art forms and artists, including Godna art.

Working for the empowerment of Dalit communities


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